Land Access Innovations Training in Western Pennsylvania

Johanna Rosen, Program Associate at Equity Trust, will help lead a training for farmers near Pittsburgh with the National Young Farmers Coalition in March 2018.

In response to demand from farmers in the area, Equity Trust worked in collaboration with the National Young Farmers Coalition, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, and other local partners to plan this full-day training.

Prospect, Pennsylvania – March 20, 2018

The workshop will highlight innovative land access tools being used by farmers across the country and prepare farmers to use these tools to secure land tenure. Topics include: how to partner with a land trust or farmland preservation board; innovative land leasing structures; legal considerations when seeking land; case studies of other beginning farmers who have accessed land in PA; financial tools and financial programs designed specifically for farmers seeking land; and local issues, such as natural resource extraction, that affect land access in PA.

This workshop is intended for beginning farmers and/or aspiring farmers who are interested in, or actively seeking, land access. Farm service providers and other interested people are also welcome.

Johanna will discuss partnering with land trusts with a focus on ground leases and agricultural easements that protect affordability.

Stay tuned for information on a corresponding training for land trusts in the region this fall.

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