Land Access Project

Access to land is one of the most pressing challenges facing New England’s beginning farmers. Land Here! Assuring Access to Land for New England’s Beginning Farmers (the Land Access Project) tackles the land access issue from all angles in this regional initiative.

Equity Trust is one of over fifty service providers from six New England states that have joined together in this two-and-a-half year project to improve and expand linking programs and farm transfer services. Convened and coordinated by Land for Good, the Land Access Project is working to reach, support and inform public and private owners to make agriculturally capable lands available; and it is developing and fostering innovation in how farms and farmland are made available, affordable and secure for new farmers.

Project collaborators are working in four task forces:

  • Listing & Linking
  • Farm Transfer
  • Non-farming Landowners
  • Tenure Innovations

One early product of the Project is New England Farmland Finder, a web-based, regional farm property clearinghouse created to help New England’s farm seekers and farm property holders find each other. It makes it easy for farm properties to be posted, and for farm seekers to search through them. It is free, simple, region-wide, automated and constantly current, serving as a friendly portal for property holders and farmland seekers.

The Land Access Project is supported by funds from the USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (NIFA #2010-03067).