Land Access Innovations Trainings in North Carolina

Jim Oldham, Executive Director of Equity Trust, will help lead a pair of training events in North Carolina with the National Young Farmers Coalition in March 2017.





Mills River, North Carolina – March 8, 2017

This all-day training is intended for land trust staff and other regional conservation professionals who are involved in farmland protection projects and committed to supporting farmers.

Attendees will learn about the innovative tools and strategies being used by land trusts around the country to keep farmland affordable and accessible to farmers. The training will feature presentations on farmers’ land access needs and challenges, affordability provisions in easements, ground leases, legal considerations, funding, and more.

Jim will give a presentation on Easement Affordability and Ground Leases and he will lead a discussion of common legal questions and challenges with lawyers.


Alexander, North Carolina – March 9, 2017

This free, full-day training is being offered by the National Young Farmers Coalition in collaboration with WNC Farmlink and the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy. The workshop is designed to provide beginning farmers with an overview of the partners, resources, and strategies involved in finding secure access to farmland. The training will include a farm tour of the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy incubator property followed by a farmer mixer.

The training will feature presentations from multiple land access experts on: finding and evaluating land; land tenure models and options; partnering with land trusts; accessing and evaluating credit and capital; and, legal considerations, including writing strong lease agreements.

Jim will co-lead a session on Partnering with Land Trusts with a focus on ground leases and protecting affordability.

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