The Francis Fund for Southeastern Connecticut

Francis Fund for Southeastern Connecticut logoThe Francis Fund supports and promotes a sustainable, just, regional economy in southeastern Connecticut.  As a revolving community loan fund we help our neighbors invest in financially sustainable non-profit and for profit organizations that meet the needs of our community, create new opportunities, and restore the land to health.

The Francis Fund was established in 2010 as a partnership between the St. Francis House, in New London, Connecticut, and Equity Trust to provide a vehicle for local investment by concerned individuals, faith communities, and other organizations. St. Francis House has more than 10 years experience supporting peace and justice initiatives including community gardening, local food production, alternatives to homelessness, and community conversations on public education and other vital issues. Equity Trust has revolving loans for community investment for over twenty years.

The Francis Fund directs its funds in the following ways:

  • To support collaborative efforts to assist people in building economic opportunities and services in their local communities.
  • To promote environmental preservation.
  • To support the creation of equity by groups historically excluded from economic development opportunities.
  • To support a sustainable, regional food supply through local farming.
  • To develop small-scale, local enterprises.

Read about some of the good work we have helped to fund.

For inquiries about funding or to learn how to get involved, please write to: connect (at)

Download the Francis Fund Borrower Loan application and procedures: