Equity Trust 2022 Annual Report

The theme for this year’s report is a simple one, but it has powerful implications: When we acknowledge the social contribution to property value and to wealth more generally, opportunities to begin to repay that “social mortgage” become apparent. Over the past year, we’ve been privileged to learn from and to help facilitate several creative efforts to return wealth to the community that created it. We are pleased to share some of those stories here.

Read how Equity Trust assisted a community land trust to draw on that social mortgage to provide an actual mortgage, innovative and non-extractive, to a low-income homebuyer using social investments from local community members seeking to give back some of the wealth they have had the opportunity to build. And here are two creative ways homeowners have returned a portion of the value of their properties to the communities that created that value, and in this way supported affordable homeownership for people with fewer resources.

In other news, we are pleased to report that we have added to the land base for Roxbury Farm, in Kinderhook, NY, which Equity Trust has been stewarding for 20 years.

Our 2022 financial reports and our 2022 lending report are also now available for review.

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