Early Street Community Garden

Early Street Community Garden, Southside Community Land Trust, Providence, RI

Promoting equity in the world by changing the way we think about and hold property

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Equity Trust is a small, national non-profit organization committed to changing the spirit and character of our material relationships. We help communities to gain ownership interests in land and other local resources, and we work with people to make economic changes that balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the community, the earth, and future generations.

Announcing the Hudson Valley Farm Affordability Program

Program Areas

White Earth Land Recovery Project: Pine Point students with manitoba flint corn

Planting at Roxbury Farm

Farms for Farmers promotes alternative ownership structures for farms, to benefit farmers who need affordable farmland and communities that want a secure source of locally grown food and a way to preserve their environmental heritage.

The Equity Trust Fund is a revolving loan fund enabling socially conscious lenders and donors to support projects that are creating new ways of owning, using, and stewarding property.

Our Property and Values program promotes exploration, understanding, and implementation of socially equitable forms of property ownership and economics based on principals of social justice, equity, and environmental sustainability.